Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness - Race Day

It was a great day to be a trail runner in Fort Collins yesterday. 31 runners came out and ran the 9 mile, 23 mile, 34 mile or some other route along or around the Reservoir. Many spouses and children came to support their runners and celebrate at the post run BBQ. I am so glad to be part of such a wonderful group of people who find great joy in spending time outside, pushing themselves and supporting others, laughing and having fun. Here are some of the photo highlights of the day.
The 7:15 start group who all took on marathon+ distances around the reservoir and up in to Horsetooth and Lory

The 7:15 am group heads up the road towards the reservoir

Mr. October has a solo 7:55 am start on his 34 mile 6339' run

The 8:00 am start group was the largest and liveliest group of the day. They all headed out on some version of the 23 mile route.

Maddie helps pace the 8:00 group through the first 1/4 mile of their run

The 8:00 groups heads up the hill

The 9:00 am group was the best dressed and speediest group of the day. I was glad they let me tag along

Sarah and Kyle fly up the hill at the south end of the of the reservoir

Mindy looking very strong heading up towards Reservoir Ridge 14.4 miles in to the run

Bill, Jen and Karah crest the hill in Reservoir Ridge

Chris, Joselyne, Lindsey and Mindy coming in to the finish

Celebrating a good run -- double Chris' longest run ever. and 30+ minute improvement for Lindsey and Joselyne over their Moab times on a longer and hillier course

Jen, Cat, Celeste and Cherilyn finishing as a team.

Karah with an awesome finish to her longest run ever

Greg also finishing well

Sam comes in from a 35+ mile run to stay on track with his 200+ day streak and getting it done before dinner time.

Jennifer and Mary finishing their marathon+ run around the reservoir

Pete looking pretty fresh after 36.5 miles and 6460' of vertical. Of course this wasn't enough vertical for Pete so he went down to Boulder on Sunday for another 8000+ feet.

Brian, Marie and Ross ran more than 30 miles after some negotiating for the most "scenic" route

Official Race Results- numbers are a mix of finish times (clock and time of day), run distances and vertical ascents


  1. Thanks for hosting such a great event Alex! We should definitely turn this one into an annual tradition. And for the record, I'm pretty sure that Alex A was 36+.

  2. Yes, thanks for hosting Alex. I a great time. I second the notion of welcoming in Spring in this fashion on an annual basis.

  3. Ditto Pete and Brian's comments, a most fun morning/afternoon. Thanks again for playing host.

    Just two more events to add and I think we'll have one for each season. Pete and I have a very cool 16-mile route scoped for the fall from Buckhorn, so all we need now is a summer version.

  4. Thanks for a great time. First time out with this group but I'll be back for more. Appreciate the hospitality of all, and especially Alex for hosting.

  5. Pete, Brian, and Nick, we will definitely make this an annual tradition and I like the idea of having such an event each season. We'll have to start working on ideas for the summer event.

    Bill, it was great to meet you and I hope you come out for another run with us soon.

  6. I like the 4 season's idea too. Something under a full moon could be cool in the summer, not sure how the logistics of hosting a post-race party work out for that though.

  7. Brian, I think you're onto something. A full moon mid-summer night run could be fun. The post-run could be breakfast and bloody mary's.

  8. Pete and Brian, I love it. Summer full moons are June 15, July 15 and August 13. All of these fall near some of our bog summer races (Bighorn, Hard Rock, Silver Rush, Leadville) but I'm sure we can make something work. Now we just need a route.

  9. There is also serious potential for an epic Fat Ass/Camping weekend up in Comanche Peaks Wilderness. We've got amazing loop options for anything from marathon to 100K (or more).