Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Colorado Trail Trip Report

I had a great trip on the Colorado Trail. I completed 11 sections of the trail for about 197 miles of backpacking, hiking and running. Here are a few pictures and I'll post a full report of my adventures in the next couple days.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heading out on the Colorado Trail

Well, it looks like it is really going to happen and I am as nervous as I am excited. On Friday morning, Ean will drop me off in Waterton Canyon in Denver at the Northern end of the 470+ mile Colorado Trail that winds its way through some beautiful mountains all the way to Durango. My plan is to spend eight days on the trail to end up near Buena Vista on Friday the 9th.

I will hike/run/fast pack the first three days covering about 84 miles carrying my sleeping bag, tent, food, etc. On Sunday evening, I will meet up with Dan, a runner friend from Fort Collins, at Georgia Pass. On Monday, Dan and I will continue on the trail carrying only food and water for the day, while Dan's wife Carol will drive to meet us at the next stop with our gear.

Here is my daily plan:

July 2 segments 1, 2 Waterton Canyon to FS-550 28 miles

July 3 segments 3, 4 FS-550 to Long Gulch 29 miles

July 4 segments 5, 6 Long Gulch to Georgia Pass 27 miles

July 5 segment 6 cont. Georgia Pass to Goldhill 21 miles

July 6 segments 7, 8 Goldhill to Tennessee Pass 38 miles

July 7 segments 9, 10 Tennessee Pass to Halfmoon Creek 27 miles

July 8 sements 11, 12 Halfmoon Creek to N. Cottonwood Creek 40 miles

July 9 segment 13 N. Cottonwood Creek to Chalk Creek 23 miles

Total 234 miles