Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness 23 Mile Course Description

March Madness 23 mile Trail Run
· From start, head south on Platte Drive for 0.1 mile
· Left on Baxter 0.2 miles
· Right on 38E – up hill towards reservoir
· At 1.7 miles stay left at intersection with Centennial Dr.
· Pass Horsetooth Market at mile 3.6
· Pass turn out/reservoir overlook on east side of road at mile 4.4
· At mile 5.0, turn right off road and follow trail down on to Blue Sky Trail
· Turn right and head north on Blue Sky Trail
· At mile 5.5 pass Blue Sky Trail Head- restrooms available here
· Follow trail through marina and campgrounds and across road to Soderberg Trail Head mile 6.8- Restrooms available and water from red pump in parking lot
· Take Swan Johnson Trail from Trail Head.
· Mile 7.3, cross Towers Road and continue on Shoreline Trail
· Mile 8.3 merge on to Nomad Trail, continue north
· Mile 8.5 enter Lory State Park
· Mile 9.7 pass Mill Creek Trail, stay right
· Mile 9.8 Aurthur’s Rock Trail Head- restrooms
· Take the trail east around trail head parking lot. Take East Valley Trail
· Mile 12.2 pass Mtn. Bike Park. Cross road take trail towards West Valley and Group Picnic Area.
· Mile 12.3 take right on road towards Lory Visitor center.
· Mile 12.5 Pass Lory Visitor Center. Water available from pump in front of sign with fee information. This is the last place to get water.
· Follow road out of Lory and take a right on Lodgpole (paved road)
· Mile 14.4 – right on CR 23 Centennial.
· Mile 14.7 take left into Reservoir Ridge Trail Head and continue up Reservoir Ridge Trail (steep and rocky)
· Mile 15 turn right at trail junction
· Mile 15.4 stay left on trail above road.
· Mile 15.5 take Foothills Trail to the right – follow trail down (steep and rocky) below dam and then across road at the bottom at mile 16.5, cross bridge and follow trail back up to Centennial.
· Mile 17.1 cross to west side of road on Foothills Trial
· Mile 17.25 run through picnic area past bathroom (locked) above swim beach and follow trail to the right along the reservoir.
· Mile 18.25 stay right and follow trail up rock steps. Stay right at trail split at mile 18.4
· Mile 18.5 off trail through parking lot (bathrooms available) cross road at crosswalk and follow trail down. Stay left at A trail junction at mile 18.8 and continue down Foothills Trial in to Maxwell Natural Area.
· Mile 19.4 take trail to the right toward CSU stadium
· Mile 20.3 Maxwell Trail Head continue across road and follow trail down in to Pineridge Natural Area.
· Mile 20.4 take a left and follow trail across north end of Dixon Reservoir
· Mile 21.3 take left up short steep trail take right at the top and run along ridge for half a mile
· Mile 21.8 follow trail down to the left towards park
· Mile 22.2 continue straight at natural area sign
· Mile 22.3 follow trail left along wood fence and out on to Horsetooth Road (paved). Follow Horsetooth to Platte Drive at mile 22.5 and turn left.
· Follow Platte Drive to finish line at mile 23.0

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