Friday, March 25, 2011


After 3 months of logging big miles and hard runs, I am finally starting to feel like it is paying off. Tonight I ran a PR of almost a minute on the 3.4 mile, 1600+ vertical ft climb that is Towers Road. I was so excited at the top that I ran around and showed my watch to everyone I could. I ran pretty hard and I had high hopes of breaking my previous best time of 37:49 that I ran last July, and pushed with everything up the last incline, but it didn't kill me. I feel like a 35:xx is quite possible by early summer. This was the boost that I needed to keep pushing out the big training weeks.

Tomorrow I am off to Moab for the 24 Hour Race with my FCTR team. We now have some competition from another FC extreme team made up of the fast and ferocious Cat, Celeste and Lindsey. It will be a fabulous weekend of fun and running in the desert.  You can watch the results at

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  1. Congrats, Alex...that's a nice big PR! Enjoy Moab as that should be a blast.