Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Triple

I ran to work this morning, but I got a late start and had a meeting at 7:00, so I took the shortest route (just under 3 miles).  I only had a couple minutes to get to the meeting, so I pulled on the pants that I had left in my classroom the afternoon before right over my running shorts.  After my first two classes, I have an 80 minute planning period which is usually dedicated to meetings, preparing for classes, grading papers, making copies, etc.  Today I had no meetings scheduled and I was pretty well prepared for the rest of my teaching day-- and I still had my running shorts on, so I headed out the door in to the mid-day sun and ran another 4 miles and felt great.  After school, I rode my bike home and took Maddie to ice skating.  I still had my running clothes on - and it was still 68 degrees, so I drove to Reservoir Ridge to meet up with Pete and the gang for the Tuesday night 6:00 pm social run.  I pulled in to the trailhead at 5:30 and so did Sean, so we ran up the trail for a couple bonus miles.  We talked upcoming races and appendectomies (I had my appendix out when I was 12, he had his removed couple weeks ago - but he's still running Salida this weekend.)  We ran back to the trail head at 6:00 and there was a large group assembled for probably the nicest Tuesday night yet this year- and the last one requiring a headlamp.  It was a good run with 15+ runners and 4 or 5 dogs under a nearly full moon on dry trails.  13 miles for the day.  My legs are still tired from the weekend.  3 more day until spring break.

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  1. Sounds like the key is to wear running clothes all the time! Nice effort. I've grinded out a few pavement runs here in Chicago this week but sure do miss the trails! Have a good spring break. We're off to Florida tomorrow to visit my Dad.