Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Towers of Spring

Tonight was the first warm weather, clear trails, daylight Towers Time Trial of the year.  There was a lot of buzz on the FCTR list with talk of PRs and feet of vertical.  I was excited for the run, but sad to not be in PR shape.  I ran my PR on Towers on this same night one year ago when I ran 36:57.  The Soderberg lot was nearly full when Mike and I pulled in at 5:45.  There were probably more people at the run tonight than the last 3 Towers runs combined.  A lot of fair weather Towers climbers out there I guess.  I started with the 40 minute group, feeling like a sub 40 was possible with the god trail conditions considering I ran 42:49 two weeks ago when there was still a fair amount of snow and ice on the trail.  I secretely hoped I might be bale to run 38 minutes.  The run started off well and I felt surprisingly good.  I pushed where I could and held on as steady as possible.  The mile splits went off at 9:08, 12:08, and 10:58.  When I hit 3 miles at just over 32 minutes, I knew I could hit 38 with a good final push to the top.  I ran hard up the next hill and tried to keep it smooth through the short sections of mud, ice and snow in the last quarter mile.  I hit the building and stopped my watch at 37:09-- only 12 seconds off my PR.  This was a great surprise, because I really didn't think I was capable of that tonight.  Two weeks from now, I'm going to break 37 and set a new PR.

Off to Moab with Maddie tomorrow for a the 24 Hour race with Kyle, Scott, Celeste, Sam and others.  Weather looks good.  Should be another fun weekend.


  1. Great run, great chatting with you as always!
    PR Fest in 2 weeks -- Assuming *fair weather*, of course!

    Good luck and have fun in Moab!

  2. It was definitely a good night on the hill, I also ran about 3 minutes faster than I hoped and about 6.5 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago. I'm in for the PR Fest next time up. Good job.

    Have a blast in Moab, I'm jealous.

  3. Have you tried going out a bit slower the first mile? That approach has definitely worked for me (and Mr. October, but I think I'm more impressive). On my PR, the difference between my first and second miles was around 2 minutes compared to your 3 (and my first mile was only 15 secs faster than yours).

    But I digress...let's get back to working on your ability to motivate me as a couldn't get me out of the sleeping bag in Moab, so I'm getting worried about Big Horn.