Friday, March 9, 2012


We ended the quarter at school today by celebrating Pi Day-- yeah, I know that Pi Day is March 14, but that falls during break, so we celebrated today.  One of my students won the memorizing pi contest by reciting 166 digits of pi from memory.  At the end of the day we had an assembly for the Bolder Boulder 10K Bolder Boulder Racers Challenge.  This will be my 3rd year coaching the BB Racers Club at my school and I am glad for the opportunity again to support middle school students in the love of running.  And I get a pair of Saucony shoes and a jacket as coaches gifts, so that's nice too.  I will run the Bolder Boulder for the 11th and 12th times this year (once in my qualifying wave then again with the kids).  BB is a fun race and a celebration of running that marks the beginning of summer, so I always look forward to it.

Spring Break started today at about 4:00 pm, when I left school and went for a relaxed 7 mile run in Pineridge and the park.  Tomorrow will be a big day with the FCTR and Bolder crew on the QR course in Horsetooth and Lory.  Spring Break continues from there with time with my family including my Dad, stepmom and both of my sisters all of whom I haven't seen in nearly two years.  And I am very excited to meet my new niece Imogen who is already 8 months old.


  1. Happy spring break and early pi day!
    We got extra credit for 20 digits, so that's where a few of us nerds stopped.
    Very cool about the BB training.

    Is that your niece from Arizona? Have fun, and let us know about the QR course conditions!

  2. 166 digits, that's a lot of pi. Wow. It almost makes the mileage we all run seem kind of normal. Right ... ???