Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness 2012 Results

Great day with the finest runners around.  Thanks to all who came and ran, brought wonderful food, hung out and made the 2nd Annual MM Horsetooth Circumnavigation Run a great success.

Here are the official results from the day:

Pictures and stories coming soon.


  1. Alex & Ean. Thanks again for hosting a most fun day.

  2. Rachel had a great time starting with the 7am group! I wanted to make sure she could stop at 10 miles, so I parked a car to the Blue Sky trailhead so she could flip back after a bit of Towers and I just ended up doing my puny 14 miler alone on the beginner trails in the valley at Horsetooth/Lory, but I did catch glimpse of a manly group striding resolutely up Towers as I was coming back up the Shoreline trail. Great run, everyone!