Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mays in Santa Fe

We woke up early this morning and drove to Santa Fe.  It is wonderful to see my dad, my stepmom Pat, my big sis Hillary, and her husband, David, and their pug Zac, my baby sister Jordan, and her husband Jacob and their 9 month old daughter Imogen.  After lunch and some time to catch-up, Ean and I got ready to head out for a run and we were very happy to have Jordan and Jacob come with us.  We ran from the rental house towards the hills in hopes of finding trails.  We did find a creek bed that looked promising and it lead us to the Atalaya Mountain Trail.  We had gone nearly four miles and had been gone an hour, so we decided to head back to be home in time for dinner.  I think I'll head back up there tomorrow and go for the peak.  We jogged and walked back to the house and enjoyed a wonderful dinner -- my wife and children, my dad and step mom and all my sisters and brothers in-law and my niece around the table.  It is going to be a great week with my family-- we even have t-shirts. My plan is to wake up early tomorrow and run the the top of Atalaya Mountain.


  1. I look forward to my next trip to Santa Fe, where I will again stuff my stomach to near the point of rupture, yet try to get in a good trail run or two :) Also still need to finish Atalaya.

  2. Have fun, I hope you took the "steep" trail up Atalaya (there are 2 options for a short bit), and don't forget about knobby little Picacho Pk too! You'll see it across to your right as you're looking down into the city.

  3. mtnrunner2: Santa Fe is great and eating excessively does seem like the thing to do here. Atalaya is worth the hike.

    mike: Of course I took the "Steeper Route" up, but I did opt for the "Easier Route" on the way down, mostly because it looked like there was less snow. I think Ean and I will run Picacho tomorrow. And we'll hit Trader Joes too. Any requests?