Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness Start List

Here is the OFFICIAL Start list for tomorrow's big event.  Well, actually it is not very official at all, but it is the best I can do based on comments, rumors, conversations, emails, suggestions, guesses and some that I might have made up altogether.  If you are on this list and want to run a different route at a different time, go for it.  If you are not on this list, it is just because I forgot or I wasn't sure you were coming, but please come anyway and start when ever you want and run whatever you want.  If you have questions, comments or complaints, just send me an email or comment right here.

7:00 am

Long Course- 34 miles+
Pete (+some extra miles)
Slush (starting from his house at 6:00)
Cat (starting from her house at 6:50)
Brian W.
Rob "Honey Badger"
Nick D. (new guy)
Rob E.

Special "Elite without the Elite Attitude" 
7:30 am  Start

Long Course- 34 miles +
The Nick Clark
Ryan B.
Nick P.

8:00 am

The Classic Course- 23 miles 


9:00 am

The Classic Course- 23 miles

shorter routes 9-16 miles
Chris H.
Rachel E.
Brian E.

I know I missed a bunch of people and if you send me an email, I'll be happy to add your name.

Many have been asking what to bring for the pot luck and here's the best I can tell you.  We have some burgers and hot dogs and veggie burgers, some buns, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese and plenty of fuel for the BBQ.  Anything else that sounds good too you or that you'd like would be great.  Rob has promised to bring Cobra Cakes and Pete will probably bring something with quinoa.  Beyond that I don't really know.  We'll see what shows up and I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Weather looks good for tomorrow and the latest trail updates sound pretty good.  There is mention of a cooler with water marked FCTR being placed somewhere on the east side of the reservoir near the Foothills Trail section.

I will be out to mark the first and final miles of the course with chalk later today, but if you are not familiar with the trail, be sure to print and bring the map and directions that can be found here (23 mile description and map) (34 mile and 9 mile course descriptions and maps).


  1. In order to maximize afternoon drinking time, TNC & crew will be leaving at 7:30. Plan is to be sucking on a cold one by 1:00. Can't wait.

    1. Hmmm . . . I suppose a 7:30 start time could be considered. Not sure I'll be able to arrange the VIP tent and parking spot you asked for though.

  2. And here is an update on water available on the east side of the reservoir. Be sure to than Glenn for putting it out there. Here's what he said about it's location:

    Alex, it will be on or near where the Foothills trail resumes at the south end of the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. It's just gonna be a foam cooler with a few gallons of water and some ice. I will label it FCTR.

  3. Maximize drinking time eh? I guess I'll head out with the 4am wave. See you tomorrow! Better get to bed.