Thursday, March 1, 2012

Run to work and Social Run nachos

Woke up early this morning to run to work.  As I finished my coffee, Ean surprised me by coming upstairs dressed to run and said she would join me part of the way.  So Ean, Shadow and I headed out the door at 6:15 to a clear, cool and slightly windy March 1 morning.  We stopped about 2 miles out where I turn off the bike path to head through the neighborhood to school and Ean led us though a some light yoga as the sun rose in the east.

Tonight was my night to host the Thursday night Pineridge social run and dinner which I always enjoy.  We had a relatively small group of 8 out for the run -- probably due to the threat of snow which never really amounted to much.  We had a nice run around Pineridge taking the spectacle/barbell/baby rattle route since the Timber Trail was closed.  6 miles then back to the house where a few more joined us for nachos, beer and an assortment of wonderful dishes and then Celeste's famous chocolate cake for Micah's birthday.  We sat around  the table and discussed the merits of a college education, streak running, upcoming races and Pete's March Madness.  Speaking of March Madness, the 2nd annual big beginning of spring run around the reservoir will be held this year on March 18.  Look for more details soon.  1st Pineridge downhill mile of the year will be 4 weeks from tonight on March 29.  Happy March!

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  1. You're not kidding about the daily blog posts...I like it! I'm in for the March Madness run...