Friday, March 2, 2012

Going to the Trudge

Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Laramie, Wyoming for my 4th Twin Mountain Trudge.  This is a unique, entry fee-less race put on by Alec Muthig that requires racers to complete one or two 11 mile loops around the Twin Mountains in the snow without snowshoes.  The difficulty of this race varies significantly each year depending on snow conditions and weather.  I have always chosen the one loop option and my times for the past 3 years look like this:

2009:       2:17:30
2010:       2:27:24
2011:       3:26:41

Last year the snow was shin to knee deep the whole way and the last couple miles were directly in to cold blowing snow.  According to Alec's updates, tomorrow's race could be the toughest yet.  Here's the warning he sent yesterday:

A final note on the 2012 Trudge… The snow is deep and covered with a crust
that will make it extra challenging.  In addition, for various reasons the
race is going to be even more on an adventure this year … There will be NO
AID ON THE ROUTE, NO BAILOUT, NO RESCUE (apart from calling in Albany
County Search and Rescue – expensive for you).  Even more than in previous
years, you will need to be fully self-contained.  If you are not sure that
you can posthole for three, four, or more hours, then this race is not for

If you are confident, then I’ll see you Saturday morning!


PS ---- Remember your required gear!!!

Required gear includes, food, water, lots of warm clothes, a whistle, an emergency blanket, and something with which to start a fire.  It is going to be fun.


  1. Good luck! So I wonder who will volunteer to run in the front and break the trail?

  2. That would be Sam Malmberg.