Monday, January 2, 2012


Here is my day by day running miles for 2011.  The circles are races and the boxes are total miles for the week.  This was my highest mileage year ever with 500 more running miles than 2010.  I ran a total of 333 days for the year with 32 days off.

I did not achieve a couple of the big goals I set for 2010.  I didn't run a marathon PR in May, but I did run a solid race (my second fastest time) and I did it with very little speed work or marathon specific training.  I did not finish the Leadville 100, but I learned some valuable lessons that I will take with me this year.

Despite these two (and a few other) defeats, I had a great running year.  I ran a lot of miles with great friends on beautiful Colorado trails.  I ran a lot of races (30 including the FCRC T&H series).  I ran all but one of the Thursday night Towers Time Trials.  I ran across the Grand Canyon and back in October.  I got to witness and be a part of Ean's amazing launch in to road, trail and ultra running.

As I look back on the year, I am so thankful for my family that always supports and participates in our many running adventures; the incredible FCTR running community that is always up for another adventure; and the beautiful place where I live.

As 2012 begins, I hope to run smarter, run faster and have many more great adventures with my family and friends in the mountains, deserts and canyons.

Happy New Year!
the FCTR crew at the Resolution Run 5K, New Years Eve 2011