Saturday, December 31, 2011

Snowshoeing at Happy Jack

The weather forecast for today in Laramie, WY called for high winds, snow and a wind chill of 0 degrees.  It sounded like a perfect day to start my snowshoe training.  I am signed up for three snowshoe races over the next six weeks at distances from 10K-30K.  My first snowshoe event is the Snowy Range Snowshoe Race in Laramie next Saturday.  There is a 5K, a 10K and a backcountry 22K.  I am running the 22K and Ean is running the 10K.  I'm sure this will be a well run and fun event.  It is put on by Alec Muthig, the man behind my favorite Wyoming adventure, the Twin Mountain Trudge.  The Snowy Range Race will be the State Championship Race for Wyoming.  Here's what Alec has to say about the event:

Come join us for some competitive and adventurous snowshoe racing, Wyoming style. All races start and finish from the Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area main lodge. We plan on making this the most festive snowshoe finish line in the nation!   The Snowy Range has its name for a reason, so let’s have some fun in all of this snow!

I went to Happy Jack just outside of Laramie this morning with Scott and Eric- they skied the groomed ski trails and I took the less groomed snowshoe trails.  It was cold and windy, but it was fun to be out in the snow on my snowshoes and even though I only got about 5 miles, it was enough to make me feel a bit more confident going in to next weekend's race.


  1. How was the snow up there? I might be up for going up there mid next week.

  2. The snow was great and falling while we were there. It would be great to get another snowshoe in before Saturday- maybe Cameron Pass on Wednesday?