Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness updates

Things are shaping up nicely for Sunday's run.  Long range forecast is calling for 73 degrees with sunshine.  Runners are coming from Fort Collins, Boulder, Golden and everywhere in between.  And, new this year, the wonderful Kerri and Kim will be set up to provide massage after your run.  They will be there from noon to about 3:00 with sign-ups available for 15-20, 30 minute massages at $1/minute.  They are skilled in sports massage and my wife is certain that a couple of sessions with Kerri completely solved her IT band issues.

We'll have the slackline set up in the back-yard for those needing some additional challenge after the run too.  My daughter is quite good at it and is a very patient instructor.

There have been some questions about start times and and routes to be run.  Here's what I know:  Pete, Scott, Ning, Rob and some others plan to start at 7:00 and run the full 34+ mile, 6500'+ route.  Mary, Ean, Celeste and more are starting at 8:00 to run the 23 mile reservoir loop.  Sarah H. and I and hopefully a few more will be starting at 9:00 to run the 23 mile route.  Send me an email or comment here with your plans, to help others decide when to start and where to run.  Send me an email if you have any questions.  I look farward to seeing you all in a few days.


  1. I think I'll try the full 34 route starting with the 7am group. Though I may cut some of it short depending on how I feel. Looking forward to the day!