Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bolder Boulder 2011

Yesterday I ran the Bolder Boulder 10K for the 5th year in a row for my 9th and 10th running of the course. I ran a slow 43:09 in the AB wave starting at 7:02 am then jogged back to the start to run in the MB wave with Micah and Maddie and many Blevins students on my BBRacers team at 8:27. I love this event, because it exudes many wonderful things about running. There are some 56,000 participants (making it the second largest running event in the country) from around the world and from all levels of running - beginner to elite. The event takes over the entire Boulder community for the day and there is a sense of excitement, fun and fitness that just makes running seem cool to all who are there to witness it. We have done this race as a family every year since we moved to Colorado. Last year, Ean said was her last because she couldn't face the craziness of the crowds again. She came back again this year though as an EMT and not a runner. Micah and Maddie did run again and Maddie set her 10K PR with a time of 1:29:59. Micah enjoyed his time on the course with his headphones on and sauntered in to the finish in just over 2 hours. We stayed to watch the elite race finish and for the Memorial Day tribute before heading back to pick up Ean after she finished her EMT duties. This is the perfect start to summer and a great day to be a runner in Colorado.

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