Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teva Mountain Games 2011 and the Spring Run-Off 10K

We had a fun-filled week-end of camping, running, friends, mud and crowds last weekend in Vail.  Read Ean's account and look at the pictures of our many adventures here.  Shadow and I went for a great run from our campsite in White River National Forest on Saturday morning, up Homesteak Creek and in to the Holy Cross Wilderness.  Pace was easy and I felt pretty good running at 8600 feet at the end of a pretty tough week that included BolderBoulder, the Tuesday Track Workout, a Thursday morning 11 mile trail hammer fest led by Sarah Hansen and a Thursday afternoon 90 degree time trial ascent of Horsetooth Rock.  Sunday morning we got up early and drove back to Vail Village for the 10K Spring Runoff Trail Race.  The course was altered this year due to snow and mud and included a long climb up a service road from mile 2.25-3.5.  My biweekly trips up Towers  paid  off, because this was my strongest section of the race.  I passed 30+ runners on the climb, but lost ground on the icy, rocky descent.  I felt great through the last mile and finished strong in 1:02 which was 18 minuted faster than last year, but this was definitely a faster course.  I ran the course again with Nick after the race and hopefully convinced him he should run it next year.  A little later, Ean and I ran the Rocky Dog 5K Trail Race with Shadow.  This was the first time for this event, and we had a blast.  It was a pretty tough course on some of the same trails as the 10K.  Ean ran very strong and looked to be in great shape for the 30K in Big Horn next weekend.  Shadow had his big grin on the whole way.  He told me he has plans to go back and win it next year.  After going back and striking camp, we took the scenic route home through Leadville.  There was still some snow on the trails, but it was melting fast.  I hope to get back up there a few more time before the big day.  I finished the week off with 94 miles and a lot of quality.  I am feeling good about my fitness going in to Big Horn next weekend.  It looks like we might not be running the usual course which is too bad but running all day on one of the longest days of the year with 20+ other Fort Collins runners is going to be a blast no matter what happens with the course.  I can't wait.


  1. Looked like some great family fun up there in Vail (and a good start to your altitude training). I'm sure they will come through with a nice 50-mile course in the Bighorns. I'm gonna miss being up there this year. Have fun and you will run well.

  2. It sounds like you're in great shape to kick off ultra season at Bighorn. The alternate course looks like it'll make things pretty interesting. Not much change on the 100 course but you 50 milers will get to double up on an out and back and will probably cross paths with more 100 milers. It'll be fun to see everyone out there on the trail.