Friday, February 8, 2013

off to the mountains

Nora and I are heading to Vail in a couple of hours to spend the weekend enjoying some fresh powder and the Winter Mountain Games.  We are both racing in the snowshoe event tonight and tomorrow Nora is going to give me my first xc skiiing lesson. 

Also, I got my race # and confirmation for NOLA.  Pretty sure I won't make my predicted time, but the race is just 2 weeks away and the taper is on.


  1. Hope you do great, look forward to reading about it, assuming you do a post about it!

    I've seriously considered entering the recreational division of the skimo race (skin up Vail resort and ski back down) but didn't again this year. Thought maybe it would be a zoo, but I should at least try it some time.

  2. The skimo race looks pretty intense. Slush did it last year and he said it was one of the toughest things he's ever done. I don't know the total numbers, but it did not look like a zoo. It is a fun weekend with lots to see and do. You should definitely try to make it out next year.