Monday, February 4, 2013

Last Long Run

The New Orleans Marathon is now less than three weeks away and if the popular training wisdom is true, I've put in all the work I can to be ready and it is time to taper.  On Saturday morning, I left the house with Nora a little after 10:00 and ran west up CR 38E.  We ran up to the south dam together where Nora took a right and ran across the dam and I continued west to run the loop around the reservoir following the March Madness (coming up on March 24 - more info soon) route.  It was a good 23 mile long run with a few stops and a very casual (yet still difficult) pace.  It was a beautiful warm day and I enjoyed the time to myself out on the trails. 
Saturday night, Maddie and I went to our 7th Butterfly Kisses father daughter dance.  This has been a February tradition since we moved to Fort Collins and it was so much fun to dress up, go out to a nice dinner and dance the night away with Maddie- you should see us doing the electric slide.

photo by Micah May
Sunday morning I ran the Fort Collins Running Club Tortoise and Hare 5K at Fossil Creek Park.  I was tired and sore from Saturday's run, but I figured it was good marathon training to run hard on tired legs, so I gave it what I had and ran 20:39.  It was not amazing, but not terrible either and it was fun to be out running hard with the tortoises and hares - and there was free coffee and bagels after.
Based on the training that I've done, past marathon experience, and some optomistic thinking, I am setting my marathon goal for NOLA at 3:15.


  1. Nice job Alex! I think you're ready for NOLA and you will probably surprise yourself!

  2. March Mileage Madness!! One of my favorite runs of the whole year.

    3:15 ... you got that. No sweat.