Saturday, August 18, 2012

Made it to the 50 mile mark @ Winfield

After a long bumpy car ride in on a rutted dirt road, we set up a comfy camp in the shade of the Winfield aid station, a perfect place to eat, nap, play Skip-Bo, and relax among the aspens with Hope Pass looming in the distance and surrounded by mountains. Alex came into the madhouse of arriving and departing crew cars - think stop-and-go rush hour, but on a mountainous backroad! - around 3:20, looking tired from the infamous Hope Pass climb and descent, but was in good spirits and broke into a huge grin when he saw his crew of angels ready to jump in where needed. After some refueling, a quad rubdown, a new shirt, and cold-weather gear and a headlamp, he took off to tackle Hope from the other direction, with Celeste by his side, full of encouragement and a shot of exuberant energy and tough love. The matching neon green pair disappeared into the aspens and will will pick up Cat as the second pacer at Twin Lakes. I brought the kids back to town so we can all rest up and I'll see him next at Mayqueen to run him into the finish at mile 87. I will try to update news from the crew remotely (it's hard to skip seeing Alex at aid stations!) if I can. Here's to a strong and steady second half of the race...

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  1. Love the neon green shirts, the exuberant energy and tough love. Have to try to sleep as I am a lector at 7:30 Mass tomorrow but I may get up later to see if you've posted again. Sounds as if Alex is having a good race. Thanks for the great photos. Almost feels like I'm there after all. Go Alex!