Saturday, August 18, 2012

4am start & he's off...

I was introduced to the guest blogger role for Mike H.'s Western States race a couple of months ago and happily volunteered to take on that role again for Alex over the next +/-25 hours, so please bear with me and I hope you enjoy following race progress throughout the day. ~Nora

The whole crew was up and going by 2:30am - hanging out in the kitchen with Alex, who sat down to a pre-race meal of oatmeal & blueberries, homemade banana bread and strong French press coffee, serenaded by Danielle Ate the Sandwich's melodious voice and surrounded by a surprisingly boisterous crew after only a few hours' sleep. It was confirmed that Micah never even went to bed at all! Alex was relaxed and well-rested (as much as you can be with 3 hours of sleep) as we all trooped the 2 blocks towards the starting line on 6th Street in the still and clear 37-degree morning. The buzz of excitement was palpable in the growing crowd of ~800 runners and their friends and families. After a few pictures, last-minute wardrobe changes, and hugs and well wishes, Alex disappeared in the sea of headlamps, hydration packs, compression socks, water bottles, brightly-colored running shoes, and GPS watches, and was off at 4am...

We (Maddie, Micah, Cat, Mindy & Celeste - aka "Alex's Angels") are back at the house resting up and will meet him next at the Fish Hatchery aid station at Mile 23.5. Stay tuned for updates along the way and keep Alex in your thoughts as he tackles the good ol' Leadville Trail 100 surrounded by all of his Angels.

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  1. So grateful for the blog posts, Nora. It is hard not to be there for the excitement and fun and most of all for the station-by-station witness to Alex's experience. I know he is supported by all his angels, which is a great consolation so I will have to trust he is in God's hands and his crew's expert and loving care. Thanks to you all and special hugs and kisses to Micah and Maddie.