Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer's coming and the Teva Mountain Games

School is out on May 26 (only 10 school days left- not that I'm counting) and the weekend after that will be our first family camping trip of the year.  Ean, Micah, Maddie, Shadow and I are headed out to the Teva Mountain Games in Vail from June 3-5.  This will be our 3rd trip to Teva and it has become one of our favorite events of the year.  Last year we found a great camping spot just outside of Vail between Minturn and Leadville, so we'll camp there and spend all day Saturday and Sunday in Vail Village enjoying the festivities.  The events include kayaking, climbing, road and mountain biking, fly fishing, dog diving, road running, trail running, music and just about every outdoor sports company you can think of giving demos and giving away free stuff. 

Last year Ean and Maddie ran the mud run which is a crazy spactacle of costumes, water and of course lots of mud.  This year they decided to stay a bit cleaner and run the Rocky Dog Trail 5K with Shadow.  Micah has expressed some interest in possibly doing the Juniors edition of the Cross Country Mountain Bike race which consists of a fairly technical 7 mile loop on the ski hill.  I will again be running the 10K Spring Runoff Trail Race which is actully closer to 6.5 miles and it goes up and down the Vail slopes 4 times on very steep trails.  It is a fun race which usually brings out some top gun trail runners like Matt Carpenter and Ricky Gates.  I am hoping my higher training volume and the next three weeks of more time in the hills will help me run much faster than the 1:10 that I ran last year.
This will be our first of several trips to the mountains this summer to camp, run and enjoy the many great things about living in the Rockies. 


  1. I was up at the Teva Mountain Games too over the weekend. It was only my 2nd time but I'll be sure not to miss it in the future.

    What's your favorite event?

  2. Yea, it is a great weekend. We had a blast. I love the 10K Trail Run. It is a tough race on some nice trails with lots of very fit athletes. This year my wife and I ran the Dog 5K trail race with our dog Shadow and that was a lot of fun too. My kids love the mud run.