Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Warm December and the Christmas Classic

With temperatures is the 50s and even 60s this week, it is hard to tell that it is December in Colorado. I took the day off with Ean on Thursday and we had a nice run in Horsetooth and Lory in shorts and t-shirt, no hat or gloves. It was great. It almost felt like December in Southern California- except I hear they are having temps. in the 80s.

This morning I ran the Christmas Classic 4 mile race. This is one of my favorite local races and I have run it every year since we moved to Fort Collins- today was my 5th. Every year this race has always been on a cold and snowy day. Two years ago it was in the teens and snowing and the entire course was covered in ice and fresh snow. That year, Maddie was the only competitor in the kids race- probably because all the other parents thought it was cruel to bring their little ones out in such conditions. Maddie still had a good time running the short course with Mr. and Mrs. Claus by her side.
This morning was a very different story with clear skies, no wind and temperatures comfortably in the high 30s and 40s. I ran a pretty solid 26:42. This was 34 seconds slower than my Thanksgiving 4 mile time, but it is a slower course and it came at the end of a 70 mile week for me. It was good enough for 9th place overall and 2nd in my age group- first going to Mr. October himself, Nick Clark.
I am really enjoying the warm weather and some good running for this time of year. My goal is to continue to build a good base with some faster quality stuff and hills that I can turn in to some speed in the spring and run my fastest marathon in May.
I love the New Balance Minimus prototypes that I am wear testing right now. I wore them for the first time on Wednesday at the park for 12 x 400m. The run totaled 9 miles with warm-up and cool down and the shoes (almost slippers really) felt great. My calves were pretty sore for the next couple days from being used more heavily. I ran an easy 6 miles with them this afternoon and felt good. I am excited to continue to run in them as much as possible over the next few weeks and see what that will do for my leg and foot strength and running form.
This will be the last week of school before the Christmas break which will be kicked off with the Chubbo Grande 50K. More and more this is looking like it could be the event of the year.


  1. Good to read what you're up to.

    Are you running with Ean or anyone on Sat? I was also planning on a 7am start and very conservative run (may even walk some hills cuz that's how I roll), if you want to run and chat a bit.

  2. Hey Mike, Ean is injured and will not be running. My goal for Saturday is just to finish while there is still some food and drink left. I would love to run and catch-up. See you Saturday.