Sunday, December 5, 2010

T&H 10K

Ean and I, along with 49 others ran in the Tortoise and Hare 10K this morning on the Poudre Trail out and back from Lee Martinez Park. It was a mild December morning and we both ran reasonably well. Ean ran a 10K PR and was the first to finish. This will certainly move her up in the series standings where she was tied for 4th and now is probably 1st or 2nd. I ran 42:33, which was a long way from a PR for me, but was only 9 seconds slower than the T&H prediction of 42:24. I felt pretty good about this considering I ran a pretty solid 15+ miles on the Blue Sky Trail and Devil's Backbone on Saturday. After the run we all went to Avo's for the Fort Collins Running Club holiday brunch. Lots of good food and good people.
In less happy news, my name wasn't pulled in the 2011 Western States 100 lottery that was held yesterday morning. I wasn't too surprised since they pulled only 219 names from over 1500 entrants. This works out to less than a 15% chance which as a math teacher, I know is not too good. I was not surprised, but still disappointed. This is the one race more than any other that I really want to run. I'll try again for 2012. But now I need to figure out my 2011 goal ultra race. I'm thinking more and more that the Black Hills 100, held the same day at WS could be it.
More immediately, I registered today for the Christmas Classic 4 mile held next Sunday by the Foot of the Rockies. This is one of my favorite local race and I am planning to beat Santa for a 4th time and claim my free socks.
December 18 will be the Chubby Cheeks 50K with many friends and some of the ultra running greats coming up from Boulder . I think I'll go with the 7:00 am start since it looks like it might take me 7 hours or more.

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