Sunday, November 7, 2010

Warren Park 5K T&H

Nick C. giving Tom the "Go" photo by Felix Wong

Ean, Maddie and I all ran the second race in the Fort Collins Running Club's Tortoise and Hare Series this morning. A record setting 45 people showed up to run. Nick Clark, with his amazing math and timing skills, put on a great race and all had a great time. The T&H algorithm predicted that I would run 19:42, but all I could manage was 20:12 and 38th place--my legs were a bit stiff from yesterday's trail run. Ean and Maddie had a much better day tying for 3rd place and both receiving ribbons. After the run, we all enjoyed bagels, coffee and a beautiful view of the mountins at Rocky Mountain Bagel Works. After breakfast, we went to the Runner's Roost where I turned in my entry to the Colorado Marathon--now I'm commited-- and Ean bought a new pair of Brooks trail running shoes to train for and race the Red Hot 33K in Moab, which will be her longest race yet.


  1. Good stuff, man these pictures and writeups are making me miss it -- Bobcat's always a great place, too. Keep it going!

    I really like your thoughts on the next year, for a marathon goal, WS if possible or at least the mention of the Black Hills race. Hope we can race and train together when possible, with similar goals.

  2. I am an algorithmic genius, I know. And according to the official results, Maddie just pipped Ean for second, which I believe puts her at the top of the current series standings. However, I haven't tallied the standings yet, so don't quote me on that.