Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to Soapstone

I went back to run the Soapstone Prairie this morning with a group from Fort Collins and Boulder. It turned out to be a really nice day with much less than the usual amount of wind, comfortable temps and even some sunshine. We started from the Soapstone entrance station and headed west into Red Mountain then up in to Big Hole Open Space, WY for a short section before heading back into Soapstone and around back to the car. I had planned out a 21.5 mile loop, but ended up running 25.5. The pace was comfortable and I felt great. It was a really nice run on a bunch of great trails with a nice group of people. Soapstone is closed Dec., Jan and Feb, so this was a nice last run of the season on what are probably some of my favorite local trails.

Pete, Karen, Dan and Peter on the ridge overlooking Red Mountain Open Space

Marie and Brian running the Cheyenne Rim Trail
I ran with Ean on Saturday in Horsetooth over some more of the CC 50K course, had a tough run up Towers on Thursday night and couldn't get through the speed work I had planned on Tuesday. It was still a good week of about 62 miles with a lot of hills. The plan is to take it pretty easy for the next few days so I can run the Fort Collins Thanksgiving 4 miler well rested. I won't be in the running for an age group pie, but I would love to run under 26 minutes.

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