Friday, June 11, 2010

Hewlett Gulch

Ean, Shadow and I went for a great run today in Hewlett Gulch out in Poudre Canyon. The drive up the canyon was exciting checking out the Poudre at its highest flow in 10 years. The Hewlett Gulch trailhead is on the north side of the river just past Poudre Park. It is a beautiful trail that rolls gently along a small canyon crossing back and forth over a stream about 20 times.

I tried to step carefully across the streams on the rocks and keep my feet dry for a while, then decided to just follow Shadow's example and slosh through the water. I figured it would be good prep for Bighorn to get used to running with wet feet. After about 3 miles, the trail climbs up to a meadow where there are some houses and horse property visible to the north then loops back around and drops down a steep rocky trail back to the gulch about two miles out. The whole run was an 8 mile lolly pop loop that took us about 2 hours with lots of stops to enjoy the scenery.

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