Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bighorn Trail Run 50- I'm in!

So, I sent my registration in for the Bighorn 50 mile race back in March and waited patiently for confirmation that I got in. In mid May after a couple of emails, I was informed that my registration was received after the race was full, but if I wanted I could go on the wait list and see if a spot opened up. Well after an anxious month of waiting, I just got an email saying that I am in. With the race just 10 days away, I can just take it easy and make sure I hit race day rested and healthy.

I have done a lot of good running over the last couple weeks including a comfortable 42 minute Bolder Boulder 10K, a 38 minute Towers Road run, and a tough trail run this past Sunday at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail. I haven't really done the focused 50 mile training that I would have liked, but I think I have the preparation that I need to have a good run and maybe even beat last year's time.

I have also set out some running goals for the summer and fall. My biggest challenge is to run/fastpack the first half of the Colorado Trail, from Denver to Buena Vista. I am still working out the details on this, but I am looking at the first week in July- more to come on this. Some other goals include, running 1000 miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day (9 days in and 82 miles run), running up and down Towers Road in under 60 minutes, and running a 100 mile race, possibly the Grand Mesa 100 on July 24-25. I also registered for the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon which will be my first road marathon since Boston in 2006.


  1. Good luck on your planned run of half The Colorado Trail. Let us know if you have questions, etc. We're glad to assist if we can as we work to maintain The Colorado Trail.

    Bill Manning
    The Colorado Trail Foundation

  2. Thanks Bill. I have been reading as much as I can about the trail and I attended a talk at REI a few weeks ago about the CT. I am looking forward to the trip.