Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pineridge is open

The natural area down the street from my house where I do most of my regular runs reopened today after more than a week of being gated and fenced off due to muddy trail conditions. I convinced my wife to take a detour on our bike ride home from work so I could check to see if the fences were down and was thrilled to see that they were. I quickly got home, changed and took Shadow to go for a quick run at the ridge. I started out thinking we'd just go out to the end of the first hogback and then come back for an easy 3 miles, but the trails were so great, that we continued around the resevoir for a nice 5+ miles. Only three more days until daylight savings and the promise of warm weather ahead. It looks like our long cold, snowy winter might finally be waning.

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