Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st Day of Spring Long Run

I had a great run today with Pete, Nick and Mike. We ran The Horsetooth Half Marathon Course along the resevoir and over Bingham Hill to the Poudre Trail and then all the way out to the Spring Creek Trail and back to Pete's for an even 27 miles. It was cold ~10 degrees when we started, but the sun came up and the day was perfect. We kept up a pretty steady pace of 7:30-9:00 min per mile and I felt a lot better than I expected too for the distance.

I sent off my entry for the Big Horn 50 mile race on June 19 - my birthday - and I'm thinking about an end of summer or early fall 100 and maybe an attemt on the whole Colorado Trail this summer. Spring is here and the running is good.

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