Monday, July 22, 2013

My Western States Story on Podcast

Mile 0.1 Feeling Good  photo by Brian Stefanović 
A couple days after the race, I got a call from Gary David of Elevation Trail saying he had heard about my after the cut-off finish on the track and wondered if I'd be interested in talking to him about it.  I said "sure" and we had a conversation via Skype a few days later and he posted as an Elevation Trail Podcast.  Here it is:


  1. Finally got to listen to the podcast last night. Truly inspirational! The new blog header pic really says it all. Hope we can catch up at 24 HoT.

  2. Just listened to your interview. I love that your daughter, who you call Maddie May (we call my daughter the same thing!) was your motivation! I've just decided in the last week that I will be trying my first 100 miler (planning on 2015). Congrats on finishing, regardless of what the clock said. You are an inspiration, sir.