Saturday, June 29, 2013

Foresthill reunion with crew

After a full day of hanging out at Foresthill (mile 62), Cat, my mom, and I met Alex at the Bath Rd aid station and walked him up a tree-covered hill onto a soft dirt path into the Foresthill aid station - greeted partway by cheerful Maddie and Bill. Made it into the aid station @9pm and after a full pit stop, complete with a magical cooling towel, pineapple juice, clean, dry socks, a full leg massage by Dr Bill (it's always a good idea to travel with 2 veterinarians!), and lots of hugs and well wishes, we sent him off with his faithful friend and supportive (also notoriously tough) pacer Cat into the darkness and down to the Rucky Chucky river crossing. 75 degrees at 9:25pm. Still quite balmy, but a welcome reprieve from the high temp of 102 today. Alex said the bottom of the valley felt like a sauna, so guess we can't complain. My dad and I are off to Green Gate and hoping to walk them up from the river in pre-dawn. Will update again then... Please keep Alex in your thoughts - we are going to get him on that track by the 30-hour cutoff.
Maddie cooling off...

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  1. Awesome to hear (and see from WS site) that he's still moving forward! We're pulling for you Alex!