Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness Updates -- Route Changes

Never fear, the March Madenss run is on for this Sunday, 3/24, as planned.  Due to the Galena Fire in Lory last week and the closure of the state park, we'll have to make some adjustrments to the route.  The run will start and finish at my house and we can still run up County Rd 38E to Horsetooth Mountain Park and then there are lots of options.  My plan is to run to Soderberg and up Towers to Stout, Falls, Rock trail to the Summit, Westridge, Spring Creek, Stout, Towers back to Soderberg then back out 38E to Centennial and out to the top of the "A" Trail, down through Maxwell, Pineridge and then home.  I have no idea how many miles or the vertical, but it will be a good run and if you're looking for more, there are all kinds of possibilities in Horsetooth or down Blue Sky or out on the Foothills Trail or whatever else you can come up with.  Just make sure you're back at my place in the afternoon in time to enjoy some BBQ and beer.  The weather for Sunday looks cold, which is hard to imagine as I sit here in Tucson where it is 90 degrees, so dress accordingly.  There will not be any support on the trail, so carry the water and food that you need.  Send me an email if you have any questions or post comments here to let others know your route and start time plans.  And remember fires and cold weather can't stop the Madness or trail running in the spring.  See you on Sunday!

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