Saturday, April 7, 2012

Round Up

A view of the summit                                                           Photo by Eric Lee
13 FCTRs showed up for a dark, cold and windy 5:30 am start at the Round Mounting Trailhead this morning.  Many more joined as the day went on and by mid morning the sun was out, the wind had quieted down, the birds were singing, flowers were blooming and it was an all around perfect day to be on the mountain running trails.  I ran 30 minutes faster than last year and felt about a thousand times better.  The climbing was still tough of course and the final push to the summit on lap 5 was a beast, but I never felt completely wasted.  I ran strong and steady on the descents and with the help of Mike and Shannon, I pushed negative splits on the final miles to make my sub 7:30 goal by 4 seconds.

It really was an all around great day running with so many good friends.  I am so thankful to have a group of amazing people to talk, laugh, play and suffer with on and off the trails.

After the breakthrough on Towers on Thursday and feeling so good on such a tough run today I am glad to say that my running finally seems to be going in the right direction.  Collegiate Peaks 50 is three weeks from today.  These last few days have given me a lot of confidence about what I can do.  Another big PR would be awesome. 
Coming back down from the 3 mile mark                          Photo by Eddie Metro

The Summit                                                                           Photo by Eric Lee
5 progressively longer climbs that add up to 9200' of vertical in 29 miles

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  1. Nice job Alex, could not make it with family in town. See you at Collegiate Peaks.

  2. Thanks Tim. We missed you out there. I'm looking forward to CP. We'll have to get a beer at Edyline after the race.

  3. Nice work, Alex. I was tracking toward about the same time you finished in, and the legs were feeling strong (and I was negative splitting)...but met the family for a picnic 2.5 miles up so didn't keep track of time after that. I'm really encouraged about my training right now too...I think CP will be fun!

  4. Awesome Kyle. I'm glad it went well. That is a tough run and definitely a good indicator of fitness. CP is going to be awesome. I just have to figure out how much and how hard to run over the next 2 weeks.