Monday, August 1, 2011

24 HoT

It was an amazing weekend of camping, swimming, laughing, friends, family and running.  Thanks to Brian for making it happen and to all the FCTRs (76+ participants) for coming out and making this event what it was.  I managed 7 trips up and down our favorite hill which on my watch gave me 52 miles and nearly 12,000 feet of vertical.  I did lap 5 with my wonderful son Micah for his first trip up to the Towers- he loved it!  Lap 7 which started at 11:30 pm and finished at 3:30 am was run/hiked with my beautiful wife Ean.  Shadow did two laps (1 & 5).  I am so glad to be part of a group of people that are happy to come out and spend a day and a night running up and down a big hill together in the heat of summer.

Some highlights of the day in pictures:
Mr. Awesome saying some words to get things going

starting up the hill with the sun already making things HoT

the large (56 runner) starting crew heading out Swan Johnson

Grace looking tough (even though she had to pull Kyle) going up the hill

Shadow celebrating his first Towers ascent

the Top

Micah saying "this is awesome"

Micah with a Slusher-esque pose at the top

Team Walter taking a quick break at Mill Creek before making their summit push

the fashion queen of Towers

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