Sunday, February 6, 2011

HPBT and T&H 8K

Cold weather and tired legs made this a much easier and lower mileage week which was probably a good thing. I got out for a run every day and even a good night run on Reservoir Ridge Tuesday night when it was 6 degrees below zero.

Saturday morning, I ran though Pineridge to the Maxwell TH and ran the 10 mile out and back on the Horsetooth Half course with Nick, Pete, Scott and Sarah. There were some good snow flurries on the way out, but the 30 degree temps felt mild after the single digits and below earlier in the week. We ran the dam hills at a pretty good clip and with the run back home through Pineridge I got just over 15 miles.

At 11:00, I met up with a fun and wild crew for the 4th annual Human Powered Brewery Tour. This included an easy 4 miles of slow running and probably a bit too much of the malted beverage. It was a lot of fun and I was especially glad that Ean got out of class early and made for 5 out of 6 of the breweries on the tour.

Sunday morning Ean, Maddie and I ran the Tortoise and Hare 8K. I was not feeling great after Saturday's shenanigans, so although I hoped for a fast showing on the out and back 5 mile course, I was doubtful. My splits were 6:26, 6:21, 6:33, 6:38, 6:02 totaling 31:57 for the 4.92 mile run. I was pretty happy with that considering how I was feeling and I made an oath to abstain from adult beverages for the next couple weeks.

In all it was a 70 mile week which was a bit lower than I had planned, but not too bad as I am still averaging better than 10 miles/day for the year. I got an email a couple days ago from Reid Delman of Gemini Adventures saying that I won the trivia raffle for a free entry to this year's 24 Hours of Utah the Run, so I have added that to my race calendar. I ran the race in '08 and '09 as a solo competitor, but I think it would be a lot of fun to run as a Fort Collins Trail Runner team and so far I have 5 interested potential teammates.

Just two weeks left until my first trip to Moab for the season and I'm looking forward to a good race and fun trip with my family and lots of Front Range friends.

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