Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2011 and the Black Hills 100

With my last real race of 2010 behind me, I have been thinking lately about my running and racing goals for next year. I'm registered for the Red Hot 50K+ in Moab in February and I will put my name in to the lottery for Western States when it opens next month. I am planning to run the Colorado Marathon in May and finish in under 3 hours.
Another great race option is the new Black Hills 100 in South Dakota put on by Jerry Dunn and friends- the same crew that puts on Lean Horse. Jerry's new race promises to be more challenging and rugged than Lean Horse and very scenic. Jerry is working with Ryan Phillips and Chris Stores to put on this race and they have put together a great web site with videos and the beginnings of an official race soundtrack with original music. The date for the first Black Hills 100 is June 25 which also happens to be the the same day as that other 100 mile race out in California.

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