Saturday, September 11, 2010

Runnning with the Mind of Meditation and Yoga

I spent Labor Day weekend at the Shambala Mountain Center in Redfeather Lakes at the Running with the Mind of Meditation and Yoga Retreat. I had read about this retreat a couple years ago and had been interested in going. The trip this year was a birthday present from my mom and as it fell three weeks in to the school year, it seemed like the perfect time to get away to the mountains for some running, meditation and yoga. The center is on a beautiful 600+ acres in the mountains just north of Poudre Canyon. It was a very peaceful weekend with 50 like minded runners and instructors that were interested in learning about and sharing the benefits of meditation and yoga in all aspects of life and the connections to running. Some of the most significant ideas for me came from the Buddhist teachings about unconditional joy, being mindful, following the middle road and basic goodness. I came away from the weekend with the desire to continue a practice of meditation as a means of developing a greater balance and sense of peace in my life that I can share in my family, my teaching and my running.

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