Sunday, April 18, 2010

Horsetooth Half

It was a great day for running in Northern Colorado today. I woke to thick fog and cool temps, but the sky cleared by the 8:30 start of the Horsetooth Half Marathon. The Horsetooth Half is one of the biggest and oldest of Northern Colorado running events and many people say it is one of the toughest half marathon courses in the country. The reputation for difficulty is mostly due to the big climb over the first 1.8 miles of the course from the start next to CSU Hughes Stadium to the top of Centenial Drive along Horsetooth Resevoir. From there the course rolls along the west side of the resevoir climbs over Bingham Hill and finishes with 5 miles along the Poudre River bike path to New Belgium Brewery.

I went in to the race hoping to run strong and finish faster than last year's 1:35and even see if I could get close to 1:30. I felt good as I ran through Pineridge to the start and even better as the race started up the hill. I hit the first mile in 7:55 which was faster than I had expected for the all uphill mile. I reached the top of Monster Mountain in 14:31 which I'm sure is a bit faster than I've ever ran that section before. Mile 2 was8:13 and I ran the mile 3 (mostly downhill) in 6:32. I continued on strong and relaxed, up the second hill past the next dam and flew down the big hill at the north end of the resevoir. I slowed a bit over Bingham, but held on and passed a couple people on the down hill side keeping my mile splits under 7 minutes. I hit the bike path with under 5 miles to go and felt like I could hang on to a 6:50-6:55 pace to the finish. I could see by this point that a sub 1:30 was out, but I could still run a course PR if I could maintain a strong sub 7 minute pace. I passed a couple more runners in this section and miles 9, 10 and 11 went by without too much trouble. With two miles to go, I was getting tired and struggling to hold the pace, but I worked on staying relaxed and kept pushing. When I passed the 12 mile mark and went through Lee Martinez park I knew I could pull off a sub 1:33 if I held my pace. I turned off the Poudre trail and on to Linden St. for the final 150 yards to the finish and sprinted with all I had left. I finished in 1:32:57 out of breath, legs tight. This was the hardest I had pushed in a long time. I finished 5th in the 35-39 age group and 35th overall out of the 1350 runners.

I saw Pete and Dan at the finish. They had both finished a few minutes before with great races, Dan in 1:25:-- (11th OA, 1st AG)and Pete in 1:26:27 (13 OA, 1st AG.

Ean was there starting her volunteer shift in the beer garden. The post race party with beer and a band and lots of sunshine was great. After the awards, Pete and I ran home for a 7 mile cool down and a 24 mile day.

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  1. Hey, my son. Good on you! Everyone needs an obsession; I am glad yours is such a healthy one. 5th in your age group and 35 in a field of 1350 is terrific! My Lord, I don't think I have run 666 miles in my whole life. Keep on running, my son, keep on running.